Dynasol Celebrates 10 Years of Leadership in Global Production and Commercialization of Elastomers

Mon, Aug 10th, 2009 12:45:20 am

Altamira, Tamaulipas, 07 July 2009 - Ignacio Marco Arbolí, General Director of Dynasol initiated the 10th anniversary celebration by unveiling a commemorative plaque. During the event, executives from the Commercial office in Houston, personnel from Altamira and guests from around the world were present as well as Jesus Guinea, CEO Repsol Chemical and Juan Marco Gutiérrez, CEO KUO. Dynasol was established from the merger of two chemical divisions, Group KUO in Mexico and Group Repsol Spain: Today, we are a strong solid company with global coverage focusing on specialty markets. The industrial vision of our shareholders with the integration of raw materials sustains the desire for growth and commitment that shapes Dynasol. In 1999, these two companies were seeking a technology partner with a fusion of experiences, infrastructures, and visions. "It was, 10 years ago, the internationalization of KUO (then Group DESC) and Repsol began what is defined as a successful consolidation in the area of elastomers. This has brought us great satisfaction as one of the major world leaders in the production and sale of SBC's, due to the continued preference of our customers and the quality of our products," said Ignacio Marco, General Director Dynasol. In an increasingly competitive global market, Dynasol provides dynamic solutions for each specific type of client. This "custom-made" approach is the most important competitive advantage that positions Dynasol as a leading player in our sector. From disposable diapers, dashboards, laptop casings, to the launching system of the Space Shuttle (by NASA), Dynasol's products are found throughout the world through innovation, technology, services, product performance, applications, and its personnel. With regard to the future of Dynasol in this industry, Juan Marco Gutierrez commented, "In spite of the difficult global economic situation, the only possible future for Dynasol is growth and leadership. The productivity reflected in the numbers of the company show the commitment and talent of its people. It has been 10 years of challenges, joys, and obstacles ... at the end of the day we are in a situation where each of us can be very proud of ourselves. In the words of Mr. Jesús Guinea, the successes and achievements we see today in Dynasol are the result of dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm of personnel, as well as the understanding between KUO and Repsol. We are very satisfied with this collaboration, this joint venture, and at this occasion my message, the message of Repsol, are optimistic: we are convinced that with the attitude and talent of our people, we can not only succeed, but surpass any future expectations. " In conclusion to his speech Ignacio Marco gave "Congratulations to our personnel; gratitude to our shareholders, who have trusted us, Dynasol, to obtain the expected results". In celebration of 10 years of operation Dynasol launches its new website http://www.dynasolelastomers.com. This renewed website with its innovative design and sections that will ease access to prominent information on the company's products and applications. ABOUT DYNASOL DYNASOL IS A LEADING GLOBAL MANUFACTURER OF STYRENE-BUTADIENE ELASTOMER, INCLUDING SEBS, SBS (LINEAR, RADIAL AND MULTI-ARM) AND SOLUTION SBR, COMMERCIALIZED UNDER THE TRADE NAMES CALPRENE® AND SOLPRENE® WITH A PRESENCE IN MORE THAN 60 COUNTRIES OVER FIVE CONTINENTS. OUR INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS ARE USED IN A VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS SUCH AS: ASPHALT MODIFICATION (PAVING AND ROOFING), FORMULATION OF ADHESIVES AND SEALANTS, POLYMER MODIFICATION, THERMOPLASTIC COMPOUNDING, FOOTWEAR, AND OTHER VULCANIZED ARTICLES. WWW.DYNASOLELASTOMERS.COM