Dynasol Expands Its Adhesives Laboratory

Tue, Mar 24th, 2009 12:35:50 am

As part of our commitment to adhesives and sealants customers, the expansion of the laboratory was built with the purpose of surpassing the current international standards on adhesive and sealants tests. It has continuously controlled temperature and humidity, as well as being equipped with state of the art equipment. The expanded facility will improve the technical assistance capabilities in the laboratory services, including new equipments to perform rheological assessments, application of glues, five different ageing systems, substrate surface preparation, high-and-low-temperature adhesion assessments, compression coupling with effort control, accordance with the most stringent international environmental control standards. With our dedicated and knowledgeable technical service staff, our laboratory is fully equipped to formulate and evaluate a wide range of adhesives and sealants, including hot fusion and solvents, in full compliance with the current standards, such as those established by the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council, the American Standard Testing Materials PSTC ASTM, as well as other organizations, including the specific standards for some of our customers. The investments made in this project offer Dynasol's customers a level of excellence in the area of post-marketing technical service for the adhesive and sealants market, as well as to increase and optimize Research and Development of new products and their applications.