Liaoning North Dynasol Synthetic Rubber Co,.Ltd

Sun, Nov 10th, 2013 10:00:42 am

Liaoning North Dynasol Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd. is a 50-50 Joint Venture set up by Dynasol and Shanxi Northern Xing'An Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Xing'An) in the city of Panjin, Liaoning Province, with a total production capacity of 100Kt/a of SSBR / BR / SBS.

Dynasol is a leader in the production of thermoplastic elastomers SBCs (such as SEBS, SBS) and SSBR with its two production plants, in Spain and North America, and a world leader in rubber modification of asphalt. Xing'An belongs to CNGC, a state-owned diversified business corporation, and secure the key feedstock for the Joint Venture, through an affiliate petrochemical complex in Panjin.

The Joint Venture plant will start up in the late 2014 and will help Dynasol to become a global producer and supplier for our existing and new clients. The new Joint Venture in China will commercialize its products in well-known Calprene® & Solprene® trademarks, which guarantee our premium quality and attentive technical service to our clients.