Solprene® 1110

Solprene® 1110 is a linear high molecular weight random-block styrene-butadiene copolymer with 15% styrene, 10% present as a polystyrene block and  has a non-staining antioxidant system; FDA approved for use in food contact applications and is essentially gel free with a clear color.

Solprene 1110 is mainly used as elastomeric modifier for asphalt and as an impact modifier in polystyrene products.

It is packed in bales with a low melting point polyethylene wrapping


  • Non staining antioxidant system
  • FDA Approved
  • Gel free
  • Clear color

Physical Form: Available in bales


Property Unit Value
Volatile matter % max 0.75
Color (alpha) max 15
Total styrene % 15
Block styrene % 10
Styrene solution viscosity @ 5% cp 35
Insolubles % max 0.1
Specific gravity 0.92

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