Solprene® 1322

Solprene® 1322 is a high molecular weight linear random-block styrene-butadiene copolymer having 30% of styrene content, 22% present as a polystyrene block and  has a non-staining antioxidant system; FDA approved for use in food contact applications. Iis a high purity polymer, essentially gel free with a clear color.

Solprene 1322 is used as an elastomeric impact modifier for plastics, especially in high gloss HIPS and ABS by the "in situ" polymerization process.

Available in bales wrapped in polystyrene-polybutadiene film.


  • Non staining antioxidant system
  • FDA Approved
  • High purity
  • Gel free
  • Clear color

Physical Form: Available in bales


Property Unit Value
Volatile matter % max 0.75
Styrene solution viscosity @ 5% cP 25
Total styrene % 30
Block styrene % min 22
Insolubles % min 0.04
Monsanto gel Grade max 3
Color (alpha) max 10
Specific gravity 0.94

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