Dynasol, manufacturer of synthetic elastomers in solution, originates as a result of the knowledge and years of expertise from two chemical divisions: one from Grupo Repsol in Spain, and the other from Grupo KUO in Mexico.

The alliance of these two industrial groups has made it possible for Dynasol to be a strong, solid company with global capacity. The industrial nature of our stockholders and our integration in basic raw materials supports our zeal to grow and our commitment to the market.

The year 1999 marks the beginning of this fusion of expertise, infrastructures and visions which has given us the great satisfaction of having positioned ourselves as one of the major manufacturers of elastomers SBC's, leaders in the world market as a result of the continuous preference of our customers and the quality of our products.


REPSOL is an international enterprise comprising petroleum and gas, with activities in more than 30 countries, and leadership in Spain and Argentina. It is among the ten most important private petroleum industries in Latin America in terms of assets.

  • Repsol is an international enterprise comprising petroleum and gas.
  • One of the ten most important private petroleum companies in the world and the largest private energy company in Latin America in terms of assets.
  • Leader in Spain and Argentina.
  • Sales amounting 57,740 million euros in 2008 (45% exports).
  • 37,302 employees.
  • Activity in more than 30 countries.
  • Calls out in the NYSE, as well as in the Stock Exchanges in Spain and Buenos Aires.

KUO (México)

KUO is a group presently operating in four large business areas: chemical, automotive, open-market products and foodstuffs, through renowned industrial and open-market products enterprises, leaders in their respective markets.

  • GRUPO KUO S.A.B. de C.V. is one of the most important groups of industrial and open-market products enterprises in México.
  • Leader in the chemical, automotive and open-market products markets.
  • Sales amounting 2,086 million dollars in 2008 (48% exports).
  • 12,991 employees.
  • Operations in several states in the Mexican Republic, as well as the United States and Spain.
  • Calls out in the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, S.A. de C.V. (Mexican Stock Exchange) in its series "A" y "B" under the symbol KUO.